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Meet our Volume X readers!

Readers share their opinions and vote on the submissions we get each week. They're the heart and soul of Happy Captive.

If you want to become a reader, check out our application form!

Name: Cassell Presnell

Year: Second-year

Degrees: Creative Writing & Film

Fun Fact: I'm a scare actor!


Name: Kai Green

Year: Third-year

Degrees: Professional/Creative Writing, Business

Fun Fact: I write fantasy fiction.

Name: Melanie Hamon

Year: Fourth-year

Degrees: Creative Writing, Cello Performance

Fun Fact: I ride horses at the Miami stables!

Name: Savannah Perry

Year: Third-year

Degrees: Creative Writing, English Literature

Fun Fact: I'm a member of Delta Delta Delta.

Name: Sydney Bell

Year: Third-year

Degree: Creative Writing

Fun Fact: I love crocheting.

Name: Jazlyn Simon

Year: Fourth-year

Degrees: Linguistics/Spanish, Statistical Methods

Fun Fact: I play badminton!


Name: Annabel Howe

Year: Second-year

Degrees: English Literature

Fun Fact: This is my second year on HCM.

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